Sampling Campaign

We have over twenty years experience and have been involved in plenty of major sampling campaigns.

Years of Experience

From inception to activation and everything in between

With over twenty years of experience DNEL have been involved in plenty of major sampling campaigns including The London Olympic games torch relay that saw over half a million samples distributed.

Your campaign can be managed from inception to activation or any part therein. This can include budgeting, route planning, replenishing planning and Staffing.

DNEL's dedicated planning manager will work closely with you on Sampling rate planning to include Target audience demographics, minute by minute and hour by hour targets and capture and compile all data and present to the client on a daily and weekly basis.

Alongside we can supply vehicle support, drivers, branded vehicles, all permits arranged, and laundry services for your brand ambassador uniforms.

The DNEL head office can also be a central location from where your staff can work from for planning, meetings and briefings and can be occupied by you for the duration of the event.






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