Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our WMS is a user-friendly portal that allows each client has its own secure log in and each individual is given their own log in details. From the comfort of your desk you can view your current inventory, weights, best before dates, current state of repair as well as view a calendar to see what assets have been ordered for future dates.

The booking system within the portal will allow you to book items, load them onto a virtual vehicle and this will tell you the size of vehicle needed and the estimated cost of the load.

Some of the features we have on offer include:

  • The ability to handle vast quantities of items
  • Compatible with mobile phones, and other devices including desktop
  • Ability to scan incoming and outgoing as well as provide and send a real time POD including photo
  • Pictures of each item and full weight width height etc
  • The ability to grow with technology updates
  • Should it be required it is able to  interface within CCEP system (however this would need further discussions and negotiations)
Log in

Full reporting frame work that includes

  • Total quantity of items
  • Items by key words for ease of search
  • Quantity available (not currently requested or allocated)
  • Quantities requested
  • Quantity in allocated
  • Most popular items by quantity
Length of time item has been in stock
  • Fastest moving items
Slowest moving items
  • Length of time from order to pick
  • Length of time from pick to despatch
  • Length of time from despatch to delivery
  • Oversized items
  • Electrical items
  • Wet stock
  • BBE by product
  • RED FLAGS for shortening date
  • Damages log (including reason, and responsible person, what was remedial action and by when.
  • Suggest other items when ordering i.e. ‘You might want this’?
  • Description and dimensions
  • A remember your last order facility
  • A ‘new arrivals section"